Commissioned Diamond Paintings

Your Imagination, Translated Into Diamonds

Sometimes we can think of great concepts for art without ever knowing how to translate them into reality.  "I've always wanted to have a picture of Airedale's swimming in the ocean" you might say, but not sure how to make your wish come true.  I utilize the power of AI artwork combined with diamond painting to create masterful creations.  They are your concepts combined with my handcrafting, producing a magnificent work of art that can be framed and displayed in any location of your choosing.

Reasons To Display Commissioned Artwork In Your Spaces:

  • It can boost happiness
  • It will encourage healing and mental well being
  • It can improve creative thinking
  • It reflects emotions
  • It makes an impact and conveys meaningful messages
  • It improves emotional resilience which can help improve anxiety and depression
  • It breathes life into your spaces
  • It encourages a connection to your surroundings
  • It can hide a room's imperfections
  • It can style a room with focus points
  • It can improve visitor or customer experiences

To Commission Artwork...

To discuss and order commissioned diamond paintings from myself, please consider and send the following to me through the contact page or to my email.  I will be able to work with you to arrive at a no-obligations expected quote for your artwork and if approved we can begin to work on your artwork concept together.

Concept You Would Like Diamond Painted: (being as detailed as possible is a very good advantage here, however I will contact you for your approval of the images before beginning the diamond painting)
Your Name: 
Your Email Address: 
Your Preferred Contact Method:  (text or email, please include your phone number if you prefer texting)
Your City/Country:
Budget: Commissions range from $500 to $2000+ depending upon size.
Maximum Painting Size: (I can do commissions up to around 75x75cm)

Commissions will arrive unframed, I will do 1:1 consulting with commission customers to discuss framing options including some recommended framing options and guidance if interested.  

I do require an upfront 50% deposit + non-refundable material fees cost before beginning to work on a commission.  Any finished unclaimed/unpaid artwork will be resold though the 50% deposit would be refundable.

A commissioned diamond painting takes about 6 months to complete, but may take longer if there are production delays.  Please order up to 12 months earlier than expected delivery.

airedale in the ocean