Contact Information

Please reach out to me anytime!  I would love to answer any questions, resolve any issues, provide support, send extra information - or for any reason you may have. 

Below is my general contact form to get in touch as an alternative to email.  I check my messages multiple times a day, on a daily basis, and you should receive a response within 24-48 hours.  

If you prefer to craft an email, you may reach out to me directly using the address

Important Notice: No Contact for Solicitation Requests of Goods and Services.  Due to the abuse and spam from this type of request I have had to create a new type of contact form.  I know, I understand it is tedious to fill it out and if that is bothersome then please do consider sending me a detailed email message instead - make sure to state your name, and your questions/issues in full for a response.  I get a lot of spam from what I assume is bad actors calling themselves "Shopify Experts" trying to fix up my website and improve my SEO and it is incredibly rude as I have asked them to not contact me.