Artwork To Diamond Painting Pattern Service

If you have artwork that you would like converted to a diamond painting pattern, I now offer pattern conversion and creation services.  I am available ranging to create simple pattern generation or work with a highly hand touched service to correct or enhance artwork as needed for your diamond painting projects.  Prices will vary upon the degree of customization performed.



What a client receives: 

  • White glove customer service through a 1:1 consultation process from onboarding to delivery shipment. 
  • Delivered items can include a pattern PDF with a key for custom projects or may even include a canvas proof to send to a canvas printer (may require some printer specifications for certain printers). 
  • Addons could include a PDF Key sheet for seperate printing and label printing. 
  • Plus a client will receive continued service and support after order for future revisions, edits and iterations plus I will be available for questions and issue resolving, etc. 

No physical items will be delivered, all service items are currently delivered digitally and a client is responsible to organize custom project supplies separately.  (A list of recommended vendors is available)

Please note: I will not be offering pattern conversion for any artwork that you do not have permission to use/edit (via licensing, copyright, etc.) and I will not create patterns with fan art characters.

Feel welcome to begin a free consultation with me 1:1 via the form at the bottom of this page for more information, I will be in touch within 24-48 hours of an inquiry.  

This is a highly hand touched commission service, as such having access to Zoom or Discord video chat viewing would be helpful to expedite the process in many ways.