Kit Completion Service

Found A Kit You Love But No Desire To Complete It?

I am happy to complete your diamond painting kits for you!  There are thousands of kits available for purchase and I'll include a couple links below that can give you an idea of available projects.  You are welcome to order a kit for yourself and have it directly delivered or send it via post/deliver in person to my address.  I will complete the kit and return it once I've received payment for my service.

Completion cost per cm² is $0.45 Canadian Dollars.  A 30cm x 40cm painting would cost $540 CAD.

Popular Kits are Available From:

Paintings will be returned unframed, in ready to frame condition.  Shipping will be at an additional cost. 

No deposit is needed, only a kit delivery, however it will not be returned as a finished kit until I receive the invoice paid in full.

    To Reserve My Time For This Service, Please Contact Via Email or Using the Contact Page Form

    We can discuss and order diamond paintings from completion, please consider it can take up to six months to complete a painting depending upon size, available time and date received.

    Diamond Painting Kit Being Completed, Snake Plant