Jennifer Lee

I’m Jen and I’m the creative behind the art here!

I’m living in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada! I born in Manitoba, Canada during November of 1982.  I've lived in Manitoba for 37+ years of my life.

I have schizoaffective bipolar and lymphedema which can make my day to day challenging, but I’m happily following my passions and pursuing my goals through my artwork and this online shop!

In my past jobs and careers I’ve been a horse groom, produce clerk, customer service agent, tech support wizard, I have even streamed online on Twitch. 

Becoming proficient at a creative trade has always been a huge interest of mine, accelerating at the age of 18 when I began attending an Art Institutes school which I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts at during 2004.  

I’ve tried many creative pursuits and focuses through the years, trust me the list is extensive!  I really want to keep things simple, and just sell art.   

I love when I can be authentic, honest, helpful and friendly.